Tips to Make Your Rental Home Family-Friendly

Dubai, the city of luxury and extravaganza, is a tourist’s favorite spot throughout the year. The beautiful skyscrapers, stunning architecture, beaches, and luxury lifestyle is a market of attraction for many families. According to a survey, around 15.93 million families visit UAE and Dubai every year for holidays. Some of them prefer holiday rental properties to spend their holidays in a distant land. These properties are fully furnished with an extensive option depending upon a person’s choice and budget.

When selecting a living space, people usually look for family-friendly homes that offer a homely environment for their family, friends, and travel buddies. This blog highlights essential tips on how to make your properties family-friendly and attract families for rental vacations.

Tips to Make Your Rental Home Family-Friendly

Prepare A Guide Of Activities

Those staying at your vacation home will be seeking places to go and things to do that are fun for everyone. You can make a guide for them that includes all of the points of interest and activities in the area surrounding your vacation property, both for children and for the entire family. You can entice them to travel to your place and arrange a stay with you by providing a full guide and making things easier for them. Parks and playgrounds, family-friendly restaurants, beaches (if available), pools, and picnic areas are just a few of the kid-friendly places and activities to consider.

Focus on The Descriptions

When families are looking for a vacation home, most people begin their search by using the “family-friendly” and “kid-friendly” filters. As a result, you should make it obvious on your short-term rental ad that your vacation property is family-friendly and kid-friendly. Usage of such terms allows potential customers to visit your property details instantly. You could also mention if the vacation house is located on a peaceful street and area.

Look After The Sleeping Arrangement

Mentioning details such as the number of bedrooms, living space, and, most importantly, sleeping arrangements give families satisfaction and clear descriptions. Paying attention to listing even minute details such as the type of bed and other furniture items or accessories might be helpful. This allows families to list down and pack items they might need during their vacation. Furthermore, declaring the prices of the rooms along with extra charges and good quality pictures will assist in clearing listing your homes on rent.

Make a Guide Both for Children and for the Entire Family

Security Above All

Finding a safe space in a foreign land is what concerns most tourists and travelers. Showcasing your security systems such as cameras, fire alarms, and gate sensors will help eliminate visitors’ doubts. Retaining polished and well-washed products that are non-toxic and kid-safe also support parents in making their decision. Sockets, electronics, and pool safety should be under the observance of property holders. In addition, providing emergency contact numbers of the locals for pharma and urgent care should be addressed to make guests thoroughly protected and greeted.


Vacation home rentals own a potential scale market in UAE and regions nearby. Once you’ve decided to enter the market, ensure you’re taking care of every detail with exceptional services and ambiance. Parents who prefer to explore with their children are seekers of convenience, safety, and pleasant surroundings. Indeed, following the tips mentioned above will help your business stand out and provide the best family vacation to visitors in no time.