Holiday Home & Vacation
Rental Management Service Dubai


Look no further if you own a vacation house or an investment property and need short-stay facilitator services. We’ve got you covered! Everluxe is a vacation rental management company based in Dubai that aims to reinvent holiday property management by giving you a window into lucrative and exciting methods to make money from your property. Everluxe takes care of everything, from cleaning to marketing and updating your property’s brand, as well as screening guests to guarantee secure and prospective tenants. We have a trained team of professionals handling each client’s accounts, letting them know of the listing, reservations, check-ins, and check out.

Vacation frenzy at its finest, as you can find the best vacation home management companies in Dubai with a single click. Let’s start a conversation! Enlist your property with us to witness genuine results from tested, low-cost, practical, and successful marketing, as well as hands-on property management.

Why Should You Trust Us and List With Us?

We Care

We do care! Because your property is our business, being a property management company, we won’t just seduce you with talks. We mean business and we believe in building relationships and a wide network to sustain healthy growth. Get in touch with us to further understand our process, and you’ll see what a beautiful thing it is to be in a relationship with us. We won’t let you down with our proposal!

A Small Community Of Professionals

A group of highly trained market specialists who understand the industry’s intricacies and excel in it. Speak to us today! Everluxe is a community of professionals who care and will assist you completely throughout the process.

Optimize Your Income

Our professional marketing and analysis team for vacation rental management of properties will derive a pricing strategy that will optimize your income with market expertise and custom building pricing tools.

Quality Maintenance

Your home is in safe hands. We provide all-inclusive services; our property managers conduct time-to-time inspections assuring that the property is well-maintained even after leasing it out. Our maintenance team help with keeping the place spick. We have housekeeping services, maintenance services, initial property set-up services and so on.

Communication & Trust

At Everluxe, we believe in strengthening relationships through trust, transparent communication, and mutual growth. Every property we manage is encouraged and treated as a unique endeavour. We engage in end-to-end communication with both parties, offering details. We handle the entire booking and check-in process. On the other side, we provide a thorough analysis as well.

Expert Marketing

At Everluxe, our marketing specialists will design and draw perfect listing and marketing plans based on your leasing flexibility. We will certainly make your property a star of its own without compromising on its true essence.

Our Rental Management for Holiday Homes Services Inclusions

  • Complete Property Management
  • Professional Photography
  • Viewings
  • Cleaning
  • Apartment Disinfection
  • Providing Toiletries
  • Laundry
  • Check ins/Check outs
  • Vetting Tenants
  • Guest Payments
  • Listing of Properties Online and Offline
  • Government Approvals

How To Get On Board With Us?

Start A Conversation

Let’s start a conversation, have some coffee along the way and discuss what can be done and how to proceed.


Once you say “yes, I do” to our proposal, we will help you set your property up for D-Day!


We declare it to the world by listing your property. Sit back and relax while we take care of everything.


Are hotels and hotel apartments included as a holiday home?

No, we have a separate classification for hotels and hotel apartments. Only units which fall under residential category can be licensed as a holiday home.

What documents should I have to obtain a Permit?

  • Individual owners or tenants should provide a copy of their passport or UAE ID (if the property owner is a company, the owner or one of the company’s partners should provide a copy of their passport or UAE ID, along with license paperwork or the company’s articles of association).
  • Proof of authorization to use the unit must be submitted
  • Copy of property Title Deed
  • Authorization from the owner using the DTCM-Approved form
  • DEWA bill that is no less than three months old from the date of application and is in the name of the owner.

Can tenants sub-let their home?

When sub-letting your home at our vacation rental management, you should have the following documents:

  • Written approval from your landlord, which states that you are authorized to sub-let the apartment.
  • Valid tenancy contract and Ejari

Can I use my property while its being managed by Everluxe?

Unless specifically mentioned in the contract, the unit owner shall not have the right to use the property during the contract, and the limits of such use shall be described in detail.

What information do I need to provide to register on your vacation home management platform?

Clients will need to provide us with the following details:

  • Check-in date and time
  • Check-out date and time
  • ID copies of each family member, respectively that reside with you

Can I keep my own bed linen and towels inside the property?

As one of the leading vacation rental management companies, we aim to provide our guests with a premium experience. Therefore, we request you to remove all personal bed linen, towel sets as we’ll be using our standardized linen across all properties managed by us.