The Benefits of Renting a Vacation Rental Home in Dubai

The most widely availed way of accommodation while on vacation in hotels and resorts. However, what if there was an alternative to sky-high expenses, lack of privacy, shared facilities, and limited scope for choosing amenities that matter to you the most? While vacation rental homes are a relatively new idea to the travel and accommodation industry, they take the market by storm. It will soon be extremely popular with tourists and investors alike. After all, what can be better than enjoying the warmth of a home-like atmosphere while vacationing somewhere far from home? In a world where customization is key to customer satisfaction, multiple house-owners are also coming forward to rent their properties as vacation rental homes. In a significant destination for business and travel like Dubai, rental homes are abundant. So do make yourself at home at a much reasonable price while also having access to high-quality services and conveniences.

Cost Efficiency

Hotels in Dubai are infamously overpriced. With about 15 million tourists visiting each year, many of them from foreign countries, hotels in Dubai make sure to make the most of the tourist hotspot. On the contrary, rental homes charge much less. Hotels calculate the price per person and per night, while rental homes have a more reasonable fixed price range. There are no extra charges. Taxes are much less of a concern because it is no significant industry yet. Expenses for food and other additional amenities are meager and negotiable. You can save up to 30-50% of your costs by switching to rental homes.


From a wide range of available options like apartments, farmhouses, cottages, villas, and so on, you can choose what fits you and your tour purpose the most. Other amenities also come as a spectrum of options you can choose from. Most owners would love to bend the possibilities at your convenience. Different equipment and facilities like keeping pets etc. can be discussed and decided accordingly. In a word, the system is far more flexible and friendly, enabling you not just to have a temporary home but also feel at home as well.

Personal Touch

At the end of the day, rental homes were designed to be homes and not to be traded as hotels. This is an added benefit, especially in a highly cosmopolitan city like Dubai. For example, if you want a pool, you can choose a property with a pool. Unlike pricey resorts, it won’t be shared either. Rental homes in Dubai are well-furnished. Apart from that, most houses come with kitchens and gardens. So you can travel, cook, spend quality time with your family in complete privacy while keeping away from the hustle of everyday life. Comfort and convenience are two pillars of rental homes.

Prompt Service

Hotel service is cut out for many customers that might or might not suit you. Why take the risk when you can have service providers dedicated to you and you only. Usually, vacation rental homeowners in Dubai are very particular about providing you with the best and highest quality service. All services are discussed and agreed upon beforehand. In addition to this, service is efficient and prompt. However, if something is bothering you or you need some immediate changes, you can always contact the owners to have the issues fixed smoothly without compromising your vacation experience.

No Headaches

Hotels are a one-size-fits-all business. The demand for hotel rooms in Dubai is exceptionally high. Getting a room is a messy affair. You have to book much in advance and on cancellation might not get a refund. The rental home industry is not as crowded yet. Even if it is a spontaneous trip plan, you can avail of rental homes for as long as you want without having to sweat over prices. This will leave you enough time to plan your trip, chalk out the itinerary, and most importantly, relax and have fun with your friends and family. If holidays are about fun and refreshment, a monthly stay in Dubai seems like a perfect fit for you.