Make Your Holiday Home a Grab in the Market with these Tips

Given the competitiveness and the market, designing a holiday home Dubai might be extremely perplexing. People are often indecisive, so instead of deciding on a theme and creating a lovely environment, they wind up producing something that looks exactly like standard hotel rooms. Please keep in mind from the start that your vacation house is not only for tenants but also for you. So, instead of focusing on what would look beautiful, let’s think about what will feel wonderful.

Let’s start with the term “home.” The goal of the establishment is to make individuals, families, and friends feel at peace and at home in a home they’ve always wanted or yearned for. This means you have to make it enticing as if it were a dream come true for it to be a grab. While many people are quite obvious with themes like royal, ethnic, presenting local culture, pastel and quiet, and so on to attract tourists, a vacation house genuinely becomes distinct and unlike any other when you put a little piece of yourself, your personality, and your aspirations into it. Your home has a different character that distinguishes it from others.

Let’s do a rundown of the basics that would help you design a fine holiday home that is stylish, unique, appealing and homely which will make it easier to list your property Dubai.

Make Your Holiday Home a Grab in the Market with these Tips

Clean Look & Elements of Surrounding

Whatever theme you choose, remember not to go overboard. It is sometimes more appealing and comfortable to have a clean look. The components of the place add to the location’s uniqueness, which attracts more renters who wish to explore. So, take inspiration from the area as well.

A Neutral Foundation & Styling

If you are planning to design you’re on your own, we suggest starting from a neutral palette. Then you can splash in the character as you like with bold pieces, rugs, colours, paintings and some woven furniture to add comfort and nostalgia of home while still being niche. Make sure everything in the room is proportioned, use the proper amount of colour with neutrals, use the right amount of pattern, create texture, and retain a consistent style across the house to achieve balance. Whether you want the rustic, futuristic, indie, modern or Victorian look, the neutral palette can get you there, and you can always add colours later. A clean canvas is a start.


Where the magic happens is in the bedrooms. When someone goes on vacation, they expect to find peace, pleasure, rest, and a lot of fun. Because it is the room intended to be the most comfortable, a wonderful bedroom will determine whether or not the guest is happy. Here’s how you should go about it: make it dreamy and promote it as the resting sanctuary they’ve always craved. The bedroom should be dreamlike, with a sense of quiet and serenity. Pillows, luxurious duvets, flowers, lamps, carpets, coat hooks, and curtains make a difference. These will undoubtedly enhance your design, so choose something that says peaceful and soothing. Do not clutter.

Bathroom Should be a Soothing Therapeutic Part of the House


Let’s say soft light, unscented candles, diffusers, plants and a clean, spacious bathroom that whispers spa is certainly a plus point. Guests often like to take longer showers, read, or listen to music when on vacation, and your bathroom should be a soothing therapeutic part of the house. Complimentary soaps and shampoos are a nice touch. Please make sure the colours you use in the bathroom are appropriate, especially for towels. Light-colored towels are usually regarded as the most hygienic.


An open kitchen is a must in a vacation house since it generates a more open and connected atmosphere, whether with family, friends, or just oneself. The open kitchen is always a good idea since it adds to the feeling of being away from home but still linked to yourself and your happiness. Ensure that all of the appliances are in functioning order and that you have entire sets of crockery, cutlery, plates, and bowls that complement your home’s colour scheme and appear exclusive and luxurious. Kitchen accessories, such as linens and utensil holders coordinated with your tableware, can create a lovely, coherent design that your visitors will remember. These also add to the beauty.

Apart from focusing on the corners and rooms of the space, another important factor is working the proper lights. Lighting is the key! And then you can, in the end, add a few final touches with textured throws, distressed textures, animal prints or faux animal statues or sculptures, Bronze and silver miniatures etc., depending on the location and theme. Once you are all set, all you have to do is list your vacation home Dubai.