Feel Like a Tourist in Dubai While Spending a Fun Weekend

Creating an exciting itinerary while you are all set to explore Dubai over the weekend can be daunting and confusing. A fantastic array of visuals that transforms your say into an incredible experience is what you can expect over the weekend. Various home rental companies assist you with your stay as per your itinerary and ensure that you don’t spend most of the traveling. They provide you with 24/7 assistance for queries regarding modern apartments to rent.

From Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, to theme parks and family restaurants, from desert safaris to mouth-watering Emirati cuisines, the list doesn’t end. Dubai is considered one of the expensive places to visit, yet the city offers you affordable and ideal options.

Home Rental Companies

Find Something for You

No matter who you are, a resident or a vacationer, Dubai has every aspect of treating you as a tourist and offers you many fun-loving adventures that mark a memorable day for you. Vacation in the heart of the UAE, the city of Dubai, means some of the crazy stuff awaits you. With over 1200 stores, Dubai Mall is a crazy world in itself where you need to find something that lures your interest. Visit the underwater zoo, the fancy waterfall, musical fountain at the foot of the Burj Khalifa.

Enjoy the Global Culinary

From mouth-watering local favorites to experimental dining and delicious multinational cuisines, Dubai has every specialty served at the table. Depending on your preference, one can explore some of the world’s famous eateries with signature dishes and popular Mediterranean flavors. You even get to taste the specialties of celebrity chefs.

Unwind at Spas

While you spend your time in Dubai this weekend, pamper yourself with the best spas in the city and enjoy the world’s best rejuvenating therapies. The indulgent treatments you will receive at the luxury spas and the wellbeing havens will leave you spellbound. They will enable you to recover captivatingly from the over-exhausting week at work. Each treatment or therapy is customized as per the need of the individual.

Unwind at Spas

Find Best Holiday Homes

Some places seem to give you a heaven-like experience even if you have stayed inside all the time. The city of Dubai brings you some of the best in-town holiday homes that feel like a city from inside the entire vicinity. Various places have affordable and luxurious stays that provide you with some exotic and overwhelming holiday homes that just won’t let you step out even to get the essentials. Treat yourself like a tourist and feel the vibe giving yourself a royal encounter in the city of Dubai.


It is easy to go around in Dubai, and the taxis are cheap comparatively. People often hire personal vehicles to have hassle-free transport as per their requirements. As a tourist, it might seem nerve-wracking to make a list of the places and plan a schedule in Dubai that offers more than you can expect. All you need to do is get along with the flow once you are in the city.