Checklist of Questions to Ask When Choosing a Vacation Rental

Well, it’s no joke that every location, place, apartment, house is different and unique at the same time. We understand that globally, these stem from various reasons like culture, history, personality, style, taste, etc. While these add to the once in a lifetime experience of the place, other things like location, access to local areas, service, amenities, cleanliness and so on may ruin your perfectly planned holiday.

There’s a famous saying, “images speak 1000 words” however, in this digital era, they can also fool you in space and actual lighting. The rental home is certainly the most important aspect of your holiday plan since it’s the place you rest your head and dress up and leave; It’s going to be your temporary home away from home. Imagine one day you want to read a book, have a lovely time indoors enjoying a bottle of wine with a view or plan a relaxing dip in your tub. Your entire trips mood and tone is vibrant and enticing when the holiday apartment you stay at is to your satisfaction, expectation and worth every penny.

It can be quite daunting to rent a holiday home, and you may spend hours scrolling through pages until a bright image shows you the perfectly framed picture. Here are a few questions that’ll help you rent the right holiday apartment instead of just falling for the prices, discounts and edited photographs.

Checklist of Questions to Ask When Choosing a Vacation Rental

Enquire Directly

There is no shame in seeking answers from the owners and the agents, irrespective of the brand family they represent. When booking your rental holiday apartment, ensure that you click on the “enquire” or “contact owner” button to get details about getting fished into the deal.

Ask for Details of Location and Proper Images

This is very important since your stay will determine how much you’ll have to travel to all the desired destinations that you plan to visit. Therefore, ask for proper address and street names so you can draw the map and understand whether it is the prime location or the location of your choice and fits your plan. Apart from that, seeking the actual dimensions, size of the room always helps if you travel with family and friends.


This is very important since very few are flexible and let you stay without any agreement; however, a professional brand shall always engage in a deal that would require certain documents from your end and signing on contracts. This may include clauses that may not fit you, so asking for a soft copy via email. Hence, you know what you are in for, in legal terms.

Discuss Monetary & Service Transactions

You have to discuss and make sure beforehand about all the amenities and utilities included in your fee; if not, you have extra shopping to do. Some places charge extra for wi-fi and other services like gas bills, water, electricity etc. You’ll need the details to draw your budget.

Questions That Will Help You When Booking Your Next Rental Apartment


The inventory list often includes everything provided, from extra linens to cutlery, and you may have to sign on the list if anything is damaged or missing, so take a good look at it and check everything. You can ask them to email you in advance, which will provide you with detailed information on what the holiday apartment includes.

Address the Basics

There’s nothing wrong with knowing the details and specifics of the entire package and what it includes since you are paying for it. So just for your assurance, you can certainly ask about the toilet papers too.

The above will help you get the vacation rental homes up to your standards and satisfaction. Let’s pack and go!!