Best Swimming Pool Games for Kids on Vacation

Summer days are back, and so is the vacation time. Yeah!!! Vacation time is the perfect time to spend quality time with kids and make them active and interactive with other kids. And it is the right time to start planning some fun activities to keep your children occupied. The pools are the kids’ favorite places in the summertime, and they love to spend hours playing in the pool. So, it is the right time to know about the games which you could use to make your kids active throughout the season. You don’t have to worry about spending huge chunks on expensive toys to make the pool games attractive for the little ones. The games which are played in the pool are simple, and the little ones always love to spend time there in swimming pools. Hence, most home rental companies offer them as an added entertainment source. To get to know more about such fun and entertaining games for your kids on vacation, dive in!

Beach Ball Race

This is a simple and fun activity that the little ones enjoy greatly. Thus, you would find most vacation homes offering this game. You need to buy some beach balls and ensure that the little ones know swimming. The rules of the beach ball race game are also quite simple. The kids need to compete and participate in a race where little ones need to swim from one side of the pool to the other with their beach balls. The children have their distinct beach ball, which they push till they reach the finishing line. Another rule of this game is that the little ones are not allowed to throw the balls, and their hands should always remain in touch with the ball. This is a fun game to keep the children engaged in an entertaining activity and is also a great form of leg exercise for the little ones.

Marco Polo 2.0

Every one of us knows about this game, and it is one of the most loved activities by the younger children. This entertainment is super fun and silly too and perfect for little children. The game has got some simple and exciting rules. One of the little ones needs to close his eyes and speak aloud the name of an animal such as “Dog.” The other little ones should respond to this by making the sounds of a dog, and following that sound, the swimmer whose eyes have been closed would try to locate the other swimmers. The primary purpose of this game is to find the swimmers following the sounds with their eyes being closed. The swimmer who would touch first would then have to close their eyes, and the game would continue.

What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?

This is a game that the kids enjoy. What makes it more fun in the water is that the little ones can swim and enjoy the summer in a fun way. One child is considered to be Mr. Fox of the game, and he has to swim to one of the extreme ends of the pool and keep his back to his friends, and the other swimmers should stay at the opposite side of the swimming pool. The little ones would ask, “Tell us the time, Mr. Fox?” And they would reply with a time like 5 pm, 7 am, and the little ones would have to go the number of steps ahead as the hours said, and with each reply, they would get closer to their Mr. Fox. That is the time for Mr. Fox to decide whether it is dinner time or not. Once he says, “it’s time for dinner,” Mr. Fox needs to turn around and chase the little ones in the game, and the one who would get caught first would become the next Mr. Fox, and the game continues.

Guessing the Right

“Guessing the right” is a simple game that can even make non-swimmers happy and excited. While one kid would be selected as the messenger, the other little ones are required to guess. The kids will whisper a word in front of the messenger, and he had to say the word loudly while he dived underwater. Once the chosen messenger gets up, the other little ones need to guess the word. The game is full of excitement, and even the little children who are afraid and prefer to stay up with their parents can participate by being a guesser. This game is excellent for increasing interaction in children.

Diving for Treasure

This is an entertaining game that the little ones enjoy when they remain in groups. While playing this game, the adults need to make creative treasures for the kids and throw them in different areas of the pool, and the little ones are required to search for these treasures and gather them. The little one who has collected the most number of treasures is declared the game’s champion. The adults should ensure that little ones know how to swim and should keep a watch on them. The treasures made should be creative and must be attractive to the kids.

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